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The Path to a Kinder World

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Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated? You probably learned it in kindergarten.

Chances are you haven’t really upped your kindness game since. Most of us haven’t. The older we get, the more responsibilities, anxieties, and personal pursuits take over. And kindness simply doesn’t make the to-do list.

It’s not that we think kindness is any less important than in kindergarten. No, it’s the opposite. Most people agree that practicing kindness is more important than ever. But there’s a gap, between what we say we value as a society, and what we do.

In this episode, we’re getting to the source on how to close that “kindness gap.”

Houston Kraft, a kindness advocate and educator, explains how we can overcome what gets in the way of deep kindness and start incorporating it into our daily lives.

François Clemmons, also known as Officer Clemmons on the acclaimed Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, shares stories about Fred Rogers, and how he showed him the true meaning of kindness on and off camera.

For more on how to live a more kind life, check out Houston’s brand new book Deep Kindness here: https://deepkindness.com

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