With the love and support of a community of dreamers, nothing is impossible.

Welcome to the Yes Fam!

Yes Theory is a philosophy, a way of life, and a community. The Yes Fam is open to adventure, taking risks, chasing passions, and giving back as much as possible along the way.

Join today to get connected with other like-minded people from all over the world.

This isn’t an audience. It’s a community. 

The Yes Fam community is growing so much faster and wider than we ever dreamed of. The light that you are all spreading is what the world needs more than ever. 

Witnessing how you all engage with us and each other reminds us of a quote by Mia Sheridan, “Friends are the family you get to choose for yourself.” And we’re so damn happy you chose this family.

Thank you for inspiring us every day, Yes Fam.

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Our community channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord are for Yes Fam to connect and get inspired. Follow the links above to find a Yes Fam community based on your location and/or destination. Don’t see one? We encourage you to create your own!

Dora Bobanovic and Maryam Khan are our Community Managers. They have been supporting the Yes Fam since 2019 and can be reached at, through the Yes Theory Fam or regional Facebook groups, and/or the @YesTheoryMeetups Instagram.

Joshua Borchardt manages the Yes Theory Discord and can be contacted through the server.

Emails sent to will be reviewed by our Community Managers. You can also follow @YesTheory on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to send us a direct message.

Please email for branding or advertising partnerships.



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