The Secret Way To Meet Your Best Friend


There’s one message we get a lot from people who watch our videos.

How can I find friends to do this with?

If it’s an entrepreneur hitting us up, it’ll look more like:

How can I find cofounders who align with my vision?

And I feel you.

I was there.

I remember being 15 and writing a summer bucket list.

I showed it to my friends and none of them were interested.

I was demoralized.

The same went for when I started past companies.

Working with cofounders who weren’t willing to go all the way.

Who didn’t want to sacrifice everything for the idea.

So maybe I just lucked out meeting Thomas, Ammar and Derin.

Or maybe it’s more than that.

Maybe it was dependent on one thing: motion.

When I met Thomas he had just gotten out of a starting a business.

So had I.

When we met Ammar, he was working on an app.

And when we all met Derin, he was writing a movie script.

We were all in motion.

All walking down our own paths.

All alone.

Had we never taken those steps on our own, we would have never met each other.

Had we waited for the right cofounder or the perfect friend it would have never worked.

It’s physics.

Newton’s First Law;

Motion begets motion.

So if you’re looking for that person in your life, here’s my advice…



Walk your path.

And soon enough, someone else’s path will converge onto yours.

They’ll see that you’re walking too and will want to join you.

And soon enough more paths will connect.

And you’ll have a team.

A group of true friends.

People that understand you.

And you’ll get to share that path together.

And be forever grateful for each other.

Because you’ll have known what it was like to walk alone.