The Secret To Success


The reason we took a break was simple.

We were burnt out.


We felt stuck and confused.

So we left.

For one whole month.

And at some point during our time off, something happened.

I came to a sudden realization.

I had overlooked the most important truth…

That I’ve already won.

We’ve already won.

You’ve already won.

You see, all of us are always checking to see where we stand in the pool of life.

How come Mike makes more money than I do?

If I get as many Instagram followers as Lisa then I’ll finally be happy, right?

Why can’t I be as tall or as handsome as Juan?

Those thoughts are difficult to turn off.

Because we’re primates.

Our ancestors had to be bigger, stronger, smarter to get a mate, survive and carry on our genes.

Our brains unconsciously scan for competition or threats to our survival.

And that obsession with measuring our own status makes us forget the most astounding fact…

That we are miracles.

We beat out hundreds of millions of sperm to get here.

Stars burst billions of years ago and somehow, you’re here right now, reading this.




Just being aware of how astonishing that is, on its own, is success.

Most people forget that.

But if you don’t.

If you constantly remind yourself of your own wonder.

Well…you’ve made it.

It’s only once we truly grasp our own awesomeness that we can stop chasing meaningless things.

We can stop worrying about being the best, biggest, greatest.

And instead focus on the “little stuff” that’s important to us.

Our relationships.

Our impact on others.

Our character and our values.

That “little stuff” is what Ammar, Thomas and I had forgotten to take care of.

And it’s only by stepping away.

By spending time with close friends and family.

By reading, walking, meditating and reflecting.

That were able to remember that simple truth.

That success isn’t something you achieve.

It’s something you already are.

You just have to look closely.