The 3 Seconds That Will Change Your Life


All it takes is three seconds of courage.

Three seconds of insane bravery to change your life forever.

From a pause in your step, to a stride across the room.

From a ‘I’m too scared’ to a ‘Fuck it.’

A fight between your brain and your heart.

Your brain, the careful one, wanting to protect you.

Your heart, the hopeful one, begging you to go for it.

If you watch our videos you’ll notice a familiar pattern.

We often hesitate.

We complain and don’t want to do it.

But we’ve learned to expect, recognize and cast away that fear.

Because 95% of the time it’s irrational.

We’ve learned that the best memories are made in those three seconds of bravery.

Going in for that kiss.

Clicking send on that cold email.

Exclaiming ‘I quit’.

Or screaming out ‘I do!’

In one night, in one moment, with one courageous decision, your life can do a 180 degree turn.

With one word your future self will thank you forever.

I hope you say yes.