I Got Rejected By A Girl


I decided to co-create Yes Theory because I got rejected by a girl.

It was June 2015 in Montreal.

Every summer there’s the Mural Festival.

Street artists from around the world come to decorate the city’s walls with their work.

I was volunteering for it.

So was she.

She worked upstairs from me.

And one day she came down to introduce herself.

It was her smile.

I always fall for the smile.

I cracked a joke when I first met her and she answered with a laugh.

I was smitten right away.

For a month, we saw each other every day.

I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, she was all I could think about.

And just when I thought the feeling might be mutual.

She went for another guy.

I was shattered.

Around this time, Thomas and I had talked about making videos together.

Nothing was concrete yet.

But that rejection pushed me over the edge.

The night it happened, I immediately left the festival and headed home defeated.

I texted Thomas the whole way back.

I told him I was ready to work with him.

That I needed an escape.

An outlet.

Something to show her that I was somebody.

One week later, with Ammar and Derin, we started Yes Theory.

Three years later, I rarely think about her.

Because after some time I got over it.

And my motivations began to shift.

I became fired up by a bigger purpose.

By the idea that discomfort breeds growth.

That our wildest dreams can come true.

And, looking back, I’m so damn happy she denied me.

Because her rejection gave me a reason to start.

It forced me to put my energy into something productive.

Sometimes you just need a spark.

A test to your ego.

A burning desire to prove someone wrong.

To get the wheels turning.

And that’s okay.

Because the key is to begin.

And once you’ve taken off.

Your purpose will adjust.

You’ll be fueled by something more meaningful.

And eventually you’ll remember why you started.

And be so happy you overreacted.